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I'm an artist, teacher, intuitive, and doterra leader.

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I'm also a pragmatic visionary who believes I AM here on the planet at this time to radiate my gifts and talents to usher in a new era of individual and collective consciousness that welcomes LOVE without fear.  

I believe in creating connection at the speed of trust. With ease. And joy.

I believe our hearts and bodies can be agile in relationship. Fluid. In flow.

I believe world peace starts at home. Smack-dab in the bedroom. 

After three decades in the field of human development, rocketing my way to leadership positions in Fortune 100's, global non-profits, and top-tier higher education, I had an epiphany: 

Relationships matter.

Period. More than anything else in our lives. And although I could crank at work, by 2005 my personal life was in acute crisis. I denied the glaring issues and got on with business as usual, in true workaholic fashion.

Then, on July 23, 2007, I experienced a near-fatal automobile accident. My entire life came to a screeching halt, literally and figuratively. That incident sparked a stunning gauntlet of crises over the following ten years, including divorce and the untimely deaths of both my mother and my sister. Collapsed and burnt out, I found myself in the midst of a grief-stricken and protracted midlife unraveling. 

To rise from my own ashes, I accepted the invitation for healing and growth offered by these life-altering events and I embarked on an all-out quest into the emerging frontier of human relating. Removing my armour layer by layer facing the extreme vulnerability of my fragile yet paradoxically resilient existence on the planet while experimenting with innovative social models. Radical change ensued.

While exploring, I received the guidance to craft, then launch, a simple trauma-informed curriculum to teach others how to open their hearts and embody their intimate and erotic truths. Born of my own excruciating heartache and deep longing to transcend the chronic fear and violence that I experienced within my closest relationships, the INTRO TO SOUL SEX™ workshop grew through the generosity of yoga studios that welcomed my humble offering and loving intent to enrich their community.

Much to my surprise, every event sold out from LA to Vancouver between 2012 and 2014. After witnessing profound transformation in the lives of participants, I purposed to grow this educational venture. Yet that desire emerged during a brief moment of calm in the eye of the storm, as death came knocking on my family door. Reluctantly at first, I chose to pause my itinerant teaching to grieve and embed myself in a community committed to reviving radical trust and practicing relationship fluidity. 

During 2015 and 2016, my identity of self shifted from being solely internally sourced or what we consider "independent" — the jet fuel of the self-help industry  to experiencing my sense of worthiness and belonging as a human being reflected back to me through a matrix of trust-based relationships, becoming "intra-dependent".

Intra-dependent people are fully sovereign, yet choose to depend on many others to enjoy the synergy of the whole. Intra-dependence is what makes a village, a village.

And if it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to sustain healthy adults.

Simply put, intra-dependent people expand their capacity to live rich, interconnected lives filled with altruistic love, co-creative energy and beautiful collective experiences. The spillover is gratitude and generosity, evidenced in the form of robust relationships and cutting-edge social innovation. Out of cultivating heart-based abundance, we naturally give back to enrich society. And honour all life on the planet.

But it's not all unicorns and rainbows. That same capacity allows us to feel and accept the full gamut of human emotions, including grief, pain and heartbreak. The ones we'd rather shun yet contribute to our developing wholeheartedness and authenticity. 

Waking up is the ultimate invitation to be fully alive  turned on and lit up.

With gratitude, courage, patience and faith, I express my unconditional "yes" to that invitation daily, which includes my commitment to practice somatic meditation, kundalini yoga and conscious relating. I ardently practice what I preach, stretch myself at my growth edge and  most importantly — do the work to fully integrate a wide variety of relational experiences.

Why? So I can be the change I wish to see in the world. 

That means, I am now distilling this wisdom to share with others who desire to rethink, redefine and radically evolve their relationships in a conscious, heart-centred and embodied way. A teacher at heart, my deepest desire is to offer my hard-won lessons and guidance via myriad creative forms. As such, I joyfully devote my heart and energy to those who seek mastery in relating and yearn to build a new story of human connection that works for all, founded on unconditional love, respect and compassion. 

What's true now? I am aware and awake, stepping into authentic elderhood with a burning desire to be of service. After a 3-year healing and creative sabbatical, I have just returned to actively supporting others in 2018. How may I support you?

Current offerings include: mindfulness-based relationship coaching and relational intuitive readings here, handcrafted Malas here plus sharing self-informed care and DIY workshops via doTERRA essential oils here



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"Jenny Ferry is on the pulse of it! It meaning cutting-edge global-changing ideas. She has the intellectual brilliance like very few. Rarely, have I met a human being who keeps me on my toes, on the edge of my seat with enthusiasm, awe and passion."

Diane Israel, Former Trustee
Naropa University, Boulder, CO

"Revolutionary and paradigm shifting. Jenny has a gift of both directly and gently inviting people to look at their assumptions and understanding of sex. She offers a refreshing perspective on owning our sex in a way that's nourishing."

Kelly LaValley
San Francisco, CA

"Jenny is following her passion in service to rediscovering, realizing and bringing forth the sacred masculine and feminine in the lives of her clients. Her work cuts to the core of sexual dynamics...  She has a powerful gift to share."

Don Goodeve, Ph.D.
Victoria, BC, Canada

"She's a powerhouse of feminine wow who walks her talk!"  

Mikki Baloy, New York, NY


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