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Ujala Malas : radiating light + love.

The Ujala Mala is a simply elegant Cedarwood japa mala designed for everyday use.

Meticulously handcrafted with care and infused with the intention of community support, unconditional love and soul nourishment. You will experience it as high-vibe and lightweight, easily flowing from out-on-the-town as adornment, to beautifying your own quiet moments of devotional practice.

"Ujala" means : one who radiates the light. 

Composition : 

  • 108 - 8mm aromatic Cedarwood prayer beads
  • 11 - 8mm iridescent Swarovski® crystal counter beads, spaced at intervals of nine, plus one under the guru bead
  • One-of-a-kind Abalone guru bead
  • Crystal lustre Miyuki glass seed beads, instead of knots (extra shine!)
  • Pavé-capped silky coloured tassel (magenta featured here, other colour options available.)
  • Strung on double-stranded grey nylon thread, finished with a secured knot.

Cedarwood : 

Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. It inspires the feeling of belonging and assists the heart in opening to receive the love and support of other people. It invites the strong-willed individual to couple the strength of individuality with the supportive power of community.

Cedarwood supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience. Cedarwood also assists in opening the awareness of individuals to the support system already available to them. It invites individuals to both give and receive so they may experience the strength of groups and the joy of relationships.

Abalone :  

Abalone is called the ‘Stone’ of Enhanced Stability and is a beautiful seashell displaying a rainbow of colours. Abalone promotes a deep connection with not just the water deities, but with the Goddess as well, and therefore Akasha or the 5th Element. All shells have been used in magical working over the millennia as alter decoration, vessels, smudging activities and worn to honour the deities.

Abalone is said to be calming, benefiting the nervous system, the heart, and the spinal column. Assisting in the healing of small breaks in the skeletal structure, it may also be beneficial in enhancing the assimilation of both vitamins A and D. Often used in athletics to build as well as protect muscle tissue, it is also told to be helpful in digestion as well as protecting the body from atrophy.

Abalone has been reported to promote intuitive powers and to stimulate all psychic development and intuitions. This lovely ‘gemstone’ is said to promote imagination in a healthy and positive manner.

Elementals embodied:

  • EARTH : Cedarwood
  • WATER : Abalone 
  • FIRE : Swarovski® crystal beads / Miyuki glass seed beads
  • AIR : Silky Tassel
  • ETHER : Intentions of community support / unconditional love / soul nourishment


The Ujala Mala is $108 (plus $10 shipping). Please fill out the form below and I will contact you to confirm your order and share payment processing info. Once payment is made, your Ujala Mala will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days.

I would be happy to discuss creating a custom mala with you. Please feel free to reach out with questions or comments below. Sat Nam!

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