time for some clarity?


It all started when...

I was 4 years old. I had a vivid, recurring dream. 

In my dream, I was escorted to an opulent penthouse. I always imagined it was the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Decked with sumptuous full length drapes, sparkling crystal chandeliers, tufted velvet sofas plus sundry antiques, bejeweled curios, and fabulous treasures from around the globe, I thought, this must be the pinnacle of success and happiness.

With mouth agape and eyes wide open, I surveyed the vast and palatial accoutrements. 

My guides clearly wanted me to see, feel and understand something about the world at my tender age. 

Despite my wonderment, I remember a subtle question wafting in the air ...

Love or money?

Which would it be?

I felt sure that I had to make an absolute choice, in that very moment. And naturally, to the heart of a young child, it was crystal clear. 

Love. No two ways about it.

What else matters in life?

Of course, it wasn't until many years later that I came to realize that we incarnate in human form to experience the world of binary opposites in order to embrace and integrate each and every paradox that we encounter.

Each soul has a primary paradox, personally imprinted, to reconcile in this lifetime. (Can you guess what mine is?)

Here's the thing. You already know the imprint you've been given for this life.

Yet it's always nice to have someone hold your hand while you walk the journey. 

Simply put: I'm here to do that.

I see you and believe in you. 

And I love you. Unconditionally.

All paradox is about weaving the disparate threads of polarity back into the fabric of right relationship. 

With your permission, my gift of intuition allows me to access both the seen and unseen realms to uncover the blocks that may be preventing you from realizing wholeness in relationship.

Any relationship: Romantic. Platonic. Personal. Professional. Familial. Ancestral. Terrestrial. Celestial.

I see the past. The present. And the future. Whatever is needed to support you in finding clarity, insight and peace. 

Bottom line: the universe is co-conspiring to LOVE you wide open. I'm just one angel, among many, to help you lift your eyes up so you can see you're one step closer on the pathway home to your own heart.

Want to take my hand and walk for a spell? 

I'm here. Just ask.

I offer these readings by request as a means of deep support and love. Readings are priced at 30 min = $111 / 60 min = $222 in alignment with the depth and value that I offer.

Ready to book now? 


For 60 min readings, please book two 30 min spots back to back.

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