this is essential radiance.

I believe in co-creating opportunities for individuals and families who love our planet and are here to embody healing and love. Those shifting consciousness to welcome a new paradigm. As such, I'm honoured to be cultivating a global team with doTERRA Essential Oils. Here you'll find a snapshot of my journey plus inspiration regarding possibilities with doTERRA.

At the age of nine, I had what is called a "toxic overload" experience. My body's immune system was significantly compromised when it became overwhelmed by harmful chemicals contained in a popular household cleaning product. That noxious interaction launched me on a life-long quest to discover and incorporate earth-based and alternative medicines for my health and well being. 

Today doTERRA provides me with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products, allowing me to empower myself and my family through informed yet simple self-care including a healthy home environment.

I love the life I've created. I joyfully spend about twenty hours per week dedicated to growing this wellness initiative. I've launched fun and creative workshops, healed and re-created my relationship to money, and am realizing time and financial freedom while embracing an opportunity to serve via sharing simple natural solutions with people and for the planet that I love and care about. To me, that's real radiance.

ready to brighten up your life?

If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils in your home or office, or consider a business as part of our global team, I'll share options plus simple ways to get started with you once you sign up below.

I'm ready to see the oils and join now.

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