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Whether you wish to begin as a Customer or a Wellness Advocate to consider creating a business with our Essential Radiance team, here's our TOP THREE Kits so you can have an idea of each one. All available Kits are listed below, as well.

Since my first kit landed, the Oils and products are a vital part of our daily experience of thriving in emotional, mental and physical health. 

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Your Investment:  $550. This is a comprehensive kit that covers a range of doTERRA products for your personal care and home.

It includes the ten most popular Single Oils and Blends in 15 mL bottles with a 4 oz. supply of fractionated coconut oil for dilution, my favourite diffuser, a 30-day supply of our Lifelong Vitality Supplements including our proprietary probiotic & digestive enzymes, a full suite of On Guard products (toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, soft gels, and our hand soap concentrate with two foaming dispensers), our popular Deep Blue soothing rub, plus beautiful selections from our doTERRA SPA line as well as a few other specialty products.

Your Savings:  $220. You'll also receive a bonus of 100 points in product credit and earn 15% off your future purchases. If you want to consider doTERRA as a business OR are ready to up-level your self-care rituals & wellness lifestyle, this is an optimal entry level kit. Click the photo to view the full Product details.


Your Investment: $158. A powerful starter Kit for enhancing overall health and longevity includes our most popular product suite: the Lifelong Vitality Pack with proprietary essential phytonutrients, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens for optimized metabolism and daily vibrancy. You’ll also receive two specialized supplements: PB Assist+ probiotic defense formula and TerraZyme digestive enzyme complex.

Additionally, to enhance your daily wellness rituals, this kit includes five 5mL bottles of our most popular essential oils: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, On-Guard®, and Balance®, along with our Deep Blue soothing rub. This is a perfect kit to support healthy habits and lifestyle choices to transform your wellbeing.

Bonus: >> Ask me about how you may receive a FREE car diffuser when you open an account with this kit.

Your Savings: $52. Click the photo to view the Product details.


Your Investment:  $150. Enroll with this kit to experience a variety of 5mL Essential Oils that are perfect for self care, including massage using doTERRA's renowned AromaTouch® Technique. This Kit comes with a Petal Diffuser as well as a 4 oz. bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil for dilution. 

Your Savings: $32. Click the photo to view the Product details.

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