how do I share doTERRA?

share gift bag.jpg

Simple. I create a little organza gift bag with three items:

  • 5 mL Wild Orange essential oil

  • watercolour paper (1 x 2 inch) with a few words on it.

  • SHINE pop-open card with my name and phone number on the back.

I carry at least one of these little organza gift bags in my purse or backpack everywhere I go! When I'm inspired to share with a friend or new acquaintance — Voila! — I'm set up for success. 

here's more ...

wild orange eo and aroma card.jpg

First, the oils. Did you know that you receive 10 (ten!) bottles of 5 mL Wild Orange essential oil, aka "Sunshine in a Bottle", when you order the Class in a Box? Yep. It's true.

I add the Class in a Box to my monthly LRP every month. That way, I always have oils on hand to share. You'll receive a handful of helpful promotional literature too.

At $25, this box is worth every penny. Basically, that's $2.50 per bottle of oil, not counting all the literature.

Watercolour paper FTW. Next, get a pad of watercolour paper that you can find at an art supply store or online. I spend about 15 min / month cutting 1 x 2 inch rectangles.

Then I use a gold Sharpie marker and I write three words (creativity / joy / abundance) that describe the emotional aromatherapy benefits of the oil from the Emotions & Essential Oils book from AromaTools. This is a great one to have in your library for both personal use and supporting others, particularly if you work in the wellness world.

Once I write the three words on the watercolour paper, I place two drops of Wild Orange EO on the paper. It's absorbable and holds the aroma well for several days. You can always freshen it up with another drop, if needed.

SHINE cards.jpg

Why I don't have business cards. No need, really. I love these inspiring pop-open cards called "Thoughtfulls" by Compendium. I use the SHINE cards because that's what resonates with me. Yet, there are a dozen or so pop-open cards to choose from.

Also, affordable. There are 30 cards in a tiny box for $6.95. Ok, I'll do the math for you: that's about 25 cents per card with tax & shipping.

On the back of the card, I write in "Thank you!" with my name and phone number. No business card required.

Organza gift bags hold everything and create a sweet presentation. Again, I chose white because it resonates with me as a kundalini yogini, plus it's popular and easy to find. Please feel free to choose a colour that you love! The organza gift bags are 4 x 6 inch and run about $10 for a package of 100.

There you are!

Honestly, this is my favourite way to share the oils. Ladies are thrilled to receive this sweet little gift. So, it's a win-win. You share oils and start a genuine connection with generosity and kindness. They remember your thoughtfulness and care.

Kind. Generous. Simple. And not salesy.