why wellness?

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Good question.

Let's take a broader look at why it matters.

According to Biocognitive Science*, "wellness" implies that you are in harmony with your Self (mind and body) and your culture. These three components of wellness — mind-body-culture — are inseparable and constitute the foundation of health.

That’s what I mean by your Wellness Ecology.

By this logic, one way to perceive stress is: a moment or a pattern of disruption that breaks systemic harmony to any or all of these three components of wellness.

it's really your choice that matters.

Choice is at the root of determining the quality of your life. We all live with internal and external voices plus cultural pressures to be more, do more, have more, give more. Your response and subsequent choices are your responsibility. However, you are embedded in personal and cultural contexts that may not always reflect your best choice. Why is that?

Because your ecology is in a constant state of flux: wellness is a moving target.

Keeping all this in mind, building your capacity and agility to harmonize your particular wellness means pacing yourself to feel into choice. Again, this is a dynamic, contextual, mindful process based on what feels good to you, what resonates with your most cherished values and intentions, and ultimately, what supports harmony for you — in the moment.

Bottom line: Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Developing skillful agility, coupled with wise choice, allows harmony and peace to prevail within your particular Wellness Ecology.

Get ready to say goodbye to chronic stress. 

Wellness is as unique as you are.

doTERRA Wellness Ladder

doTERRA Wellness Ladder

During your complimentary Wellness Consult, we'll explore how robust your current foundations are, including what's flowing and what's not. We'll honour your lifestyle and preferences, then design a plan that resonates with you.

While in dialogue, I'll intuit and draw upon an extensive range and depth of mindfulness-based wellness practices and tools, including powerful plant medicine to support you from root to crown with ease & flow.

All suggestions shared are for your consideration, meaning your preferences and desired outcomes are respected in alignment with your comfort level. Ultimately, your heartfelt willingness to engage in this process and take corresponding action determines the degree of peace and harmony you achieve.

Your 30-minute wellness consult is complimentary, comprehensive and integrative.

I may include suggestions for using: CPTG® essential oils**, plant-based supplements, functional medicine insights, recovery pathways, esoteric and alternative healing methods for mind and body, kundalini yoga, somatic meditation, plus select study materials. 

Feel the joy of up-leveling your Wellness Ecology. With my compliments. xo

Let’s start customizing your Wellness Ecology.

Interested in on-going support? Embodied Wellness Ecology Design may be the right path for you. Learn more here.

*See The MindBody Code by Dr. Mario Martinez, published by Sounds True, to learn more.

**Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) is a registered trademark of doTERRA International, LLC. Learn more about the certification here.