Why I've chosen doTERRA.

Photo: © Sarah Willcox, used by permission

Photo: © Sarah Willcox, used by permission

Every day I feel gratitude for this opportunity.

After almost 20 years of teaching and traveling, plus raising my daughter single-handedly, I was still challenged to save money, especially for impending "retirement." 

More recently, the aftermath of divorce followed by the death of my mom and sister took its toll on my perennial joy and momentum. I wanted to be able to shine anew, re-inhabit an expanded sense of self, be far more engaged in my innate creativity, develop philanthropic yearnings, and truly enjoy my life much more comfortably.

I watched dear friends grow abundance with doTERRA for several years, then the light bulb finally went off: I realized that I had a chance to plug in to an opportunity that aligned with my most cherished values of weaving community while buoying my goal of financial sovereignty. Plus I get to sweetly share what I love about natural, non-toxic living.

Now, in just under two years, I am blessed to lead a thriving global team, build a solid foundation for life's next phase, and enjoy myself with feelings of freedom, connection, abundance, and peace like never before.

>> Would YOU like to feel the freedom of business ownership while up leveling your lifestyle? To view CURRENT OPENINGS on our team, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page. You may also learn more about doTERRA and our team below.

doTERRA, the company.

Founded in 2008 by experts in the Essential Oils business, there are no outside investors with doTERRA – the owners personally funded the start-up and own 100% of the company. They changed their lifestyles, took second mortgages, and worked without pay to make their own choices early on. doTERRA is now the largest essential oil company in the world, debt-free.

doTERRA is family focused and pro-woman.

One of the top executives and owners is a woman. Mamas, babies and families are welcomed, encouraged and supported through doTERRA, from classes to conferences. Women are the primary workers in the cultivation and harvest of plants worldwide.

doTERRA gives back.

Healing Hands is doTERRA’s non-profit, and it’s funded by members, employees and the executives. Our option is to donate each month on our monthly orders, and the company raises funds via events as well. Healing Hands has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and has changed and lifted up many lives in several countries around the globe.

doTERRA is committed to Co-Impact Sourcing worldwide.

doTERRA searches the globe to find the best locations to grow the plants for each oil; they team up with local farmers whose families have been growing and harvesting that plant for generations. The company then forms cooperatives, teaching the farmers improved growing techniques, harvesting and distilling methods, and elevates their quality of life. Paying them above fair wages, doTERRA often brings in the Healing Hands foundation to improve the community as a whole, as well.

As we enjoy and share doTERRA, we are providing thousands of jobs globally, changing families and blessing communities.

doTERRA essential oils are high quality.

Pure, high quality, optimally-sourced oils are at the heart of doTERRA’s success. Sourcing the botanicals where they flourish, making sure the soil is primed, harvested at the perfect time, distilled for the ideal amount of time at the perfect temperature – this leads to a high quality Essential Oil. doTERRA also has many exclusive relationships with their growers, so their oils are exceptional. Visit Source to You for extensive information on the sourcing and quality testing of doTERRA oils.

doTERRA's testing practices are stringent.

For transparent accountability, they’ve created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG), verified by third party labs. The name is a trademark; the standard is real and concrete. Stringent testing happens throughout the whole process (even monitoring soil quality) on EVERY liter. All of the basics are checked first: sight, smell, taste and touch. Then they test to rule out any presence of fungus, mold, pesticides, extenders and any other contaminants. Learn more about the science of their practices of testing here

Each location has its own specific laws and rules governing agriculture and collecting wild-crafted botanicals. If an oil fails the test, specifically pesticides, there is no secondary process for removing the pesticides or foreign matter. The oils failing the test would simply be rejected. Other than the careful distillation of the oils from botanicals, no other processing takes place. They are aromatic extracts, nothing added, and nothing removed; they either meet that standard or they don’t.

doTERRA focuses on education.

On the main site, you’ll find hundreds of hours of free education, guidance, recipes and other support for both essential oil users and those building businesses. Company-wide resources are supplemented by our team’s resources and those who have businesses with doTERRA are amply supported. Product support of any kind is one email or knowledgable phone call away.

doTERRA is helping us detoxify our lives.

No need for harsh, toxic chemicals to clean your home. No risk of spreading toxins throughout your air – or your cells. Our home smells and feels incredible with doTERRA’s On Guard suite of products. With Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary CPTG® Essential Oils, this exclusive and powerful line of wellness supplements, cleaners, and personal care products provides natural protection. Non-toxic and biodegradable, the household products are safe for loved ones as well as the environment. We use it all over the house.

It's the people, the values, and the connection.

Throughout my week as I connect with my global team, virtually or in person, I’m reminded of why this is such a good choice for me. I love teaching and growing community. I love sharing about health and wellness. I love being home with and for my daughter. I love cultivating the ability to thrive like never before.

But honestly, it's the people that have truly enriched my life. Through doTERRA, I’ve made great friends, boosted my dreams, empowered other women – and now I’m actually realizing financial freedom.

As a global leader on one of the fastest growing teams in doTERRA, I partner directly with Elena Brower, our Double Diamond leader, and you will have access to exquisite education and leadership support par excellence, if you choose to join us.

If this is your divine time to co-create a thriving business, ask yourself the following questions:

Is this YOU?

  • Co-collaborator / Co-creator

  • Feminine Leader — lead with heart, serve with logic

  • Growth Mindset

  • Thrive by Helping Others

  • Love reaching Goals at a High Level

  • Desire for Residual Income Stream

  • Passionate about Natural Solutions / Non-toxic Lifestyle

  • Own your Self-Care, Health & Wellness Journey

  • Dedicated to Creating and Cultivating Heart-centered Community

  • Can make space for 5-10 hours / week to Build a Successful Business

  • Must not be working with another Wellness Advocate already

If you notice you answered with enthusiastic agreement, I welcome you to apply as a Business Partner. Preference will be given to fill the Current Openings below.

CURRENT OPENINGS (seeking to FILL by November 1, 2019):

Yoga Teachers & Conscious Community Leaders are highly encouraged to apply.

  • CANADA — ONE TEAM LEADER (flexible location: Calgary, Vancouver, & Toronto preferred)

  • MEXICO — TWO TEAM LEADERS (Mexico City & Puebla preferred)

  • USA — TWO TEAM LEADERS in the PACIFIC NW (Anchorage, Portland & Seattle preferred) / THREE TEAM LEADERS in the SOUTHWEST (flexible location: El Paso, Phoenix & Tucson preferred)

  • IG INFLUENCERS WORLDWIDE — exclusive Instagram Influencer Program available; minimum 10K followers to qualify.

  • PRIORITY BUSINESS PARTNER / TEAM LEADER POSITIONS are listed here, yet please apply if you feel like you are a great fit for our family of wellness leaders. We will discuss possibilities & co-create a pathway for you.

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